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    Cloud File Storage

    Do you frequently use more than one PC?  If so, you should consider using Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud, or Google Drive to share files among your different computers.  All of these services operate in a similar manner.  If you use Windows every day, consider OneDrive.  If you use a Mac, consider iCloud.  If you use both Mac and Windows OneDrive and Google Drive can work for you.

    Once you’ve installed the “Drive” software, there will be a new folder on your PC.  When you save or copy a file to that local folder, a copy will be transmitted through your Internet connection to the “Drive” service.  If you have more than one PC running, with the same account, the file will automatically sent to each of those PCs.

    An additional benefit of using a “Drive” service is that you can access your files from a smartphone, tablet, or other Internet connected device at any time.  The data you store in your “Drive” service is only visible to you, unless you choose to share it.


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